Filled with advanced economy, fun, games, memes, welcoming, anti-bores and much more. Gentleguy is here to spice and light up your server

Try this bot out today and know what Gentleguy can do!

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Features of Gentleguy

This bot never stops and always gets some new updates.. So lets see some of the things Gentleguy has to offer you below.


This bot has brilliant economic features that will blow you mind..So say no more to Boredoms


Gentleguy even has a variety of fun and game commands to keep you interested in the bot!.


It has awesome anti-bore commands like randomshit, meme, dog, quote and much more..


IF these all are not enough it also has awesome utility like autoreply, disable, enable, chatbot and more!


You like this bot? Why not check out the team that worked on it!


Hi buddies i am gentlescreamer, creator of the bot. I like making bots and my fav. is Gentleguy ofc. But worry not if you want bots for you as well Dm me on my mail [email protected] :D